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Patented Glazing Keeps Glass Rooms Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer

Four Seasons Sunrooms employs the most advanced glazing technology in all its additions. MC WonderglassTM makes Four Seasons room additions cooler in summer and warmer in winter and its advanced construction techniques promise a lifetime of outstanding performance.

Superior Glass Performance Begins With Superior Glass Construction

MC² WonderglassTM excels in all the categories important to you, including energy-efficiency, safety, strength and longevity.

Energy Efficiency Starts with Multi-Coating

Most people considering a large expanse of glass on their home only consider how it will affect their comfort during the colder months, never considering the more important issue of excessive heat during the warmer months.

Take, for example, a car left in the sizzling summer sun. You can’t even get in and drive comfortably until long after you’ve opened the windows to let the hot air out and turned the air conditioning on to full blast. The effect a large amount of glass can have on a home can spell even bigger trouble, unless the glass effectively controls the temperature during All FourSeasons.

Four Seasons exclusive MC WonderglassTM is made especially for the extreme demands of a room of glass and is the only one you should consider for your addition. MC WonderglassTM effectively reflects summer heat away and winter heat back into your addition, ensuring your comfort year-round. Insist on a demonstration of any glass you consider. Four Seasons is confident you’ll see the superiority of MC WonderglassTM.

Because of MC Wonderglass™, Four Seasons Sunrooms stay warmer in winter and cool and comfortable in summer - a true Four-Season room! No other room addition builder has this glass or can make this claim. Four Seasons welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate this performance, either in our showrooms or in your home or office.

Check out the Glass Performance Chart that shows how Four Seasons Sunrooms Exclusive MC Wonderglass™ stacks up to other available products. Compare our competitors' claims against the facts. Four Seasons is proud of its MC Wonderglass™ and is excited to demonstrate its performance either at our showrooms, or right in your own home or office.


The real story behind MC WonderglassTM, and what makes it so special, is its exclusive, patented, multi-coating. This extraordinary process uses up to nine different microscopic coatings of exotic metals and compounds to let beneficial natural light into the room, while reducing the oppressive summer heat and damaging UV rays. This remarkable glass also reflects interior heated air temperature back into the room, keeping you warmer in winter as well. MC WonderglassTM keeps Four Seasons Sunrooms warmer in winter and cooler and comfortable in summer – a true Four Season room!

Strength and Safety

Starting with tempered safety glass for strength and occupant safety and security, MC WonderglassTM is up to six times stronger than ordinary glass.

Longevity starts with Stainless Steel

Most insulated glass uses inexpensive, conductive aluminum as its standard spacer material between the panes of glass, which is colder and prone to condensation. Four Seasons uses the much stronger and thermally stable Stainless Steel as its edge spacer of choice for the enduring strength and safety of the glass and the comfort of its occupants. To maximize the benefits of its advanced spacer, Four Seasons bends the stainless steel into a continuous extra strong frame rather than use failure prone corner keys. Four Seasons then bonds the glass and desiccant-filled spacer together with a dual seal silicone system of (PIB) as the primary seal with the extra protection of silicone for strength. And for additional thermal performance, all MC WonderglassTM panels are filled with energy-efficient argon gas during assembly, so there are no leak-prone injection holes. All this advanced technology creates Four Seasons MC WonderglassTM, a product built to last a lifetime.

Glass Construction Benefits

  • Reduced Winter Heat Loss = A Warmer Room in Winter

  • Reduced Summer Heat Gain = A Cooler Room in Summer

  • Increased Strength = Preserves Structural Integrity of Unit

  • Corrosion Resistance = Longer Life Expectancy

  • Reduced Condensation = Improves Performance, Appearance

  • Primary Seal of Polyisobutylene (PIB) = extremely durable vapor seal

  • Secondary Seal of Silicone = structurally bonds glass to spacer and adds second layer of protection against moisture.

  • Both materials = excellent resistance to UV degradation, a chief cause of seal failure.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty against seal failure

  • Bent Corners Can Not Come Apart = Superior Strength and Durability

  • Argon Gas Filling is Denser than Air = More Energy Efficient

  • Gas Filled During Construction = No Fill Holes to Fail

Value Added Features of MC WonderglassTM Permanent Exterior Glass Coating Keeps Rooms Cleaner Longer

Four Seasons New Permanent Hydrophillic Exterior Coating Technology makes rainwater "sheet" off rather than "bead" up. This sheeting action carries dirt and dust away, keeping Four Seasons rooms cleaner longer and requiring less maintenance. Repels/Sheets Water Away = Cleaner: No Water Droplet Dust Outlines "Sheeting" Action Carries Dirt With It = Glass Stays Cleaner, Longer Resists Marking and Staining = No "Ghosting" Effect from Suction Cups, etc. Easier Occasional Cleaning = Dirt, Dust Easily Removed with Ordinary Glass Cleaners Dries Faster, so Less Dust is Attracted to Surface = Less Maintenance

Superior Glass Deserves Superior Protection

All Four Seasons MC WonderglassTM comes standard with a temporary protective light blue transparent plastic coating on both surfaces to protect the glass from the time it is made until your room is finished. This glass masking ensures that your room is clean and beautiful at the end of the installation. Protection During Packaging and Handling = No Fingerprints or Marks from Packaging Materials Protection During Distribution = No Scratches or Stains from Trucking, Equipment, Storage.

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